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Computer Repair

Computer Repair done right the first time, at a reasonable, flat rate price...

Is Your Computer not acting the way it SHOULD be acting?

Getting those annoying pop ups while you are browsing the internet? How about the ones that just appear out of no where when you are not even USING your PC?

How about that anti-virus in the right hand corner of your taskbar telling you that the computer has 1,400 viruses, 345 registry problems, and it will only cost you $59.95 to fix?

You go to turn your computer on, but instead of the normal desktop, you are missing NTLDR...wait a minute, WHAT?! What about that paper that is due next tuesday?

Whatever the problem may be, with 14 years in the business, and 40+ combined years of experience, we have seen it all, and can fix it all.

  • Send us your system using our UPS express Service Tag system purchased through this site for $99.00
  • We repair it or call you back with an estimate to fix
  • We send it back to you fully repaired with a 90 day guarantee! all for $99.00